Why Jackfruit ??

Why Jackfruit ??

"Jackfruit, a sustainable solution for food security" :  Jackfruit is the largest known tree borne fruit, grown across south and south-east Asia. Jackfruit could be a replacement for wheat, corn and other staple crops under threat from climate change. Jackfruit can provide numerous nutrients and calories. The fruit is rich in potassium, calcium, and iron, thus making it more nutritious than current starchy staples.

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  • Dinner & Dessert

    The diverse jackfruit products include Dehydrated Jack, (available irrespective of seasons and ideal for dishes like dosha, idly etc.), jam, squash, pickle, halwa, crisp mixture and jafee powder.

  • Breakfast

    The staple food of Kerala, tapioca has found its right space in our product list with dehydrated tapioca, pasta, mixture, nurukku, aram number and pakka vada.

  • Meat

    An astonishing array of 70 vivacious ice creams which include jack fruit and jack double vanilla, mango flavors plus cone, cup and family packs meet the demands of your taste buds.

Why Jackfruit ??

Why Anna ??

Anna Food Products, now a market leader with innovation as the tagline started off with a humble beginning. The legacy kicked off in Meenangadi in 2004 at a rented premise. All the ingenious thinking and hard work paid off as we moved to our own premises of 5000 sq ft. with modern machineries and equipments.

Season Special

Seasons Special

Seasons spell magic. We have captured the seasons joyous tastes with jack pradhaman and jafee powder.

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